The most ancient document speaking about the pearl are the conficius writings( a forth century  B-C chinese philosopher ) who spoke of the pearl given as gift 2000 years earlier.

The pearl is a jewel as old, if not older, as the diamonds or other precious stones

But this is the japanes who, in the beginning of the 19th century, will successfully cultured the pearl. Thanks to Kokishi Mikimoto and Tatsuhei Mise who used the grafting process.

In polynesia, while the 18th century, pearly oyster were sold for the button industrie to europe.It seems that from the 19th century, because of this exploitation, we notice an increasingly scarce of pearly oyster. This Mr Bouchon Brandely, send by the french colony and the sea ministry, who invent the pearl's culture.

Then the first pearl's farm was created in 1966 in the Manihi atoll by the rosenthal brother Mr Koko Chaze. They bring a japanese expert to mastered the grafting technic, The Tahitian cultured pearl was born.

From this day the tahitian cultured pearl sublimate the greatest international jeweller's jewel. Its iridescent reflects made the tahitian pearl a exceptionnal cultured pearl.