Choose your Tahitian pearl


You want to buy a Tahitian cultured pearl. There it is some some clue to choose the pearl tahitian pearl. The pearl's feature are set by five official standards :

1 - The shine, the lustre

The lustre or the shine, is assess according to the light's reflection's quality on th pearl's skin. Le lustre ou éclat ou brillance est évalué selon la réflexion plus ou moins parfaite de la lumière à la surface de la perle.An excellent shine totally reflect the light on the pearl's skin and produce a mirror effect.A weak shine produce a mat effet on the peal's skin.

2 - Pearl's skin

Pearl's skin can be assess to the naked eye. We consider a skin's particularity any degradation of the skin, like scratch, sting, sediment, wrinkle or growth. A totally smooth skin is exceptionnal.

3 - the size

The size of a pearl is its diameter, in millimeter.Tahitian cultured pearl's diameter can go from 7mm to 16mm.

4 - the shape

There is seven classic shape for the tahitian pearl : round which is a perfect sphere, half-round, drop, oval,button, half baroque and baroque with irregular shape. there is also a derive shape the circle.

5 - The color

Color is a additionnal standards, depending of each one's taste.Tahitian cultured pearl have a very large and unique natural color range.The Tahitian cultured pearl can be cherry, peacock, pistachio, golden bronze, grey, black ...